Commitment to crabs

Hairy crabs

The hairy crab is delicious with crab miso.

Kani miso" is delicious for hair grown in a nutrient-rich sea.
The yellow miso is so delicious and delicious.

Sekkatei use only hairy crabs with delicious miso in Hokkaido.

Taraba crubs

Tarabagani is the king of crabs.

Tarabagani is a luxury food with volume and taste points. Please eat rich and rich with a bite.

The snow-flowered king crab uses the king crab which is deliciously grown in the cold waters of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.
(The shop uses Tarabagani grown deliciously in the cold waters of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.)

Matsuba crubs

Shabu-shabu Hokkai Matsuba.
(Shabu-shabu in the north sea Matsuba crab please.)

The refined taste of Kitaka Matsuba is called the "Queen of the Rose".
Sweet meat and rich miso are also welcome.
It is a feature of this bowl that there are various cooking methods.

Sekkatei specialty dish "Kani shabu" is a rare dish.
Please eat with Japanese seasoning "Ponzu".






Commitment to crabs

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